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"I'd been struggling with my job search for eight months when a friend suggested I give your service a try.  I was sceptacle at first, but then when I heard from one of your specialists on the same day I signed up and had my new resume just a few days later, I was excited.  It looked and sounded AMAZING!  I submitted it on a ton of job sites and started getting response after response!  In the end, I had my choice between two great opportunities, thanks to you!"
Linda Jacobson
Newark, NJ

"Thank you for helping me with my job search.  Two weeks after you revamped my resume, I landed an interview and within days officially accepted a position that pays 25% more than my last job and the atmosphere is far more productive.  I will definitely recommend your site to colleagues and friends."
Vincent D.
Brooklyn, NY

"My new resume really does rock!  Thanks guys!"
Steve LeCroix
Council Bluffs, IA

"I'm a recent college grad and I was having a hard time getting my foot in the door until I signed up.  Now, I'm working in the field I studied and actually paying down my student loans!  I will definitely recommend your site to my friends."
John K.
Philadelphia, PA

"Thanks to your help, I was able to submit my current resume to a much higher position within my company.  Even I was amazed at how good you made me sound!  My previous boss was shocked as well, but I couldn't be happier!  Thank you."
Becky A.
Chicago, IL

"Thank you for helping me with my resume.  It worked."
Kevin Baker
Los Angeles, CA

"Working with this team of professionals not only helped me build a killer resume, but I was able to turn jobs down and pick the one I wanted!" 
Suzanne O.
Rockaway Park, NY

"My new resume is really great.  I can't wait to use it!"
Leslie M.
San Diego, CA

"I finally got the job!  If I would've known you were as good as you are, I would've signed up years ago.  Thanks."
Paul Pratt
Miami, FL

"Thank you for helping me with my resume, and for helping me get the job I have wanted for a very long time!  It really worked wonders for me, and I can't thank you enough! I would be happy to refer your service to anyone looking for a better job."
Alexis Meli
Dallas, TX